The news that a would-be terrorist bomber who only set fire to his delicate parts instead of sending two hundred innocent people to their death on a US airliner has had an immediate fallout.
Dim-witted Homeland Security Chief Janet Garofalo ordered that all passengers remain seated during the last hour of flight and have nothing on their laps. For good measure she saw that the terrorist’s visa was cancelled. Continue reading



Herr Wobbel (old photo).

A Stuttgart man, Heinrich Wobbel, has stunned neighbours with his efficient, no nonsense approach to vehicles speeding past his home every day. “It is not only dangerous,” the retired engineer said, “the noise is frightful and my wife cannot sleep in peace with all the racket.” Although the police are sympathetic they are questioning the legality of Wobbel’s invention and believe that, even if not actually illegal, it is certainly ruthless and may give Germany a bad name world wide. Wobbel is unimpressed by criticism, “Traffic is down to 5KPH and noise is below that of birdsong,” he said pugnaciously. “If more people did what I did, perhaps peoples’ rights may be more respected.” Hit Click to see the invention in operation.]


New Logo Unveiled.

After years of planning and deliberation, Council has adopted its new logo.

The logo will go specifically to all ratepayers when rates are due, but the real thrust behind the logo is to deter development.

“Surely we have enough houses,” said Professor Testa Della Merda, Council Spin Doctor Public Relations head, “there has got to be an end to this insane build, build, build. We feel that the logo expresses Council’s attitude to development more clearly than reams of press releases.”


Blemish and friend. (Blemish has a hat)

The Reverend Archibald Blemish of the New Reformed Reformed Church of Reformed Sinners has lashed out at suggestions that a Buddhist Temple will be constructed near Nowra.     Continue reading

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