The news that a would-be terrorist bomber who only set fire to his delicate parts instead of sending two hundred innocent people to their death on a US airliner has had an immediate fallout.
Dim-witted Homeland Security Chief Janet Garofalo ordered that all passengers remain seated during the last hour of flight and have nothing on their laps. For good measure she saw that the terrorist’s visa was cancelled.While her orders have died in derisive laughter a new kid on the block of airline companyies has emerged. The new company is Rudy Nudy Airlines that insists on all passengers travel in the nude and have no carry on bags. The company will pay to the next of kin $1m in the event that a suicide bomber has swallowed a time bomb before embarkation, or inserted it in some orifice where security staff are refusing to look.

Reception has been mixed. Some passengers are suggesting that the airline rename itself Exhibitionist Airlines. Management has agreed to consider this.
By Chauncey Pilgarlic.

[Above: Passengers wait at the transit lounge]


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