Plonk Free Day – Success.

Coming soon to a park near you?

There were 10 arrests on Australia Day. But…
Three were for an unrelated punch up. Two were for drink driving. Three domestic violence matters. One shoplifter. And one assault.
Shoalhaven Local Area Commander Superintendent Wayne Starling went on the front foot this year and asked Council to extend alcohol bans to council parks and reserves.
The result was that Australia day was a huge success. Families could enjoy themselves.
It brought back memories of the time when the Nowra Show was made alcohol free.
Offensive behaviour charges dropped from double digits to zero or near.
It brought back memories as well of last year’s Australia Day where many areas had violent behavior, and assaults were commonplace.
It’s in Council’s hands now to see whether the alcohol free ban will continue, at least for those days when large crowds are expected.


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