Ell's Bells

There is probably no more devoted fan of Mr. G.Ward than Mr. P. Ells.  Make a remark even vaguely contentious concerning Mr. G. Ward and there is Mr. P. Ells writing letters to the Register – which itself is a devoted fan of Mr. G.Ward.

A mild letter complaining about lack of consultation in relation to snoop cameras in Junction Street ended with the remark that the writer almost didn’t recognise Ward with his hat and sunnies. Like an Exocet missile back in comes a turgid hymn of praise of Mr. G. Ward which begins “IT IS with disgust and distain that I respond”

“Disgust and distain”? What aroused his disgust and distain apparently was the headline on the letter – but  that was put in by the Register.  Did he not know that?  Doesn’t the Register put headlines in Mr. P. Ells praisy prosy efforts? It seems he does not know this.

Mr. P. Ells is young. A Young Liberal in fact. He will surely apologise for such a misguided missive.  In fact,  I am sure that Mr. G. Ward will so instruct him.


One thought on “Ell's Bells

  1. Who is this mystery person, Paul Eli?, I have observed him on many occasions lurking in the background at Liberal Party events or on many occasions where anti Gareth Ward sentiment abounds. Is he a Gareth Ward ‘plant’ put there by Gareth’s minders to spy?
    I think we are going to see a lot more of Paul Eli in the lead up to the next state election, he will be there in the background looking like a JW evangelist somewhere north of the river in the Kiama electorate. He has made it onto Council’s Youth Advisory Committee – was this Councillor Ward’s doing?

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